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About Unibet Poker VIP
Unibet Poker is one of the oldest and consequently also one of the largest European online gaming operators. Awarded by the eGaming Review for the European sports betting operator of the year in 2006 and 2008, this poker room houses everything in terms of poker, casino and betting.

The software is based on the Microgaming platform, but Unibet added its own personal touch to it. However, as the room chose to run its poker outside the larger network, there is slightly less competition at the tables. This is hardly an issue due to a respectful amount of users, but it amounts to much less Omaha players. Unibet is known for its soft players who tend to come from casinos and sports betting to try out the poker phenomenon.

Nonetheless, the software quality is good, if only a bit plain, but the table functionality is riddled with options of all sorts and makes this a highly customizable platform. On a side note, the lobby can be customized to look the same way as it does on other poker rooms, so don't run away once you see the "fish friendly" click-and-play tool.