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The VIP calculator estimates what your VIP might be. Possible poker room fees are not deducted.


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How and when do I get paid my VIP?
Most of the VIP deals we offer are automatic which means that you are paid directly into your player account at the poker room. Payments are usually done 1-10 days after a month is finished depending on the program.

If a VIP deal is not automatic then you can request a payment manually from your Loyalty account to NETELLER Moneybookers or Full Tilt Poker, depending on what you prefer.

How can I contact you with questions?
Simply e-mail us on .

What is a VIP program and how can I join it?
All poker rooms offer rewards to keep their players loyal in the form of VIP programs. We work with all of the major networks to get you the best possible such deals which can be worth up to thousands of dollars per month for frequent players.

Basically the more hands and for the higher stakes you play each month the more you get paid. If this sounds like something you'd want then just register for a new Loyalty.net account to get started.

Why should I choose you?
Loyalty.net is owned and run by a small but very successful group of people with many years of experience as poker affiliates and we have great long term relationships and personal and regular contact with all of the major online poker rooms.

In total tens of thousands of players are connected to us and put their trust in us to deliver the best VIP deals available as well as to help step in to resolve any problems they may encounter with the poker rooms and deals we work with.