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About Euro Poker VIP
Euro Poker is one of the oldest-running poker rooms on the internet and is currently owned by online gaming giant Bwin. Its brand is widely recognized due to its strong position in the Ongame network. It recently opened a casino branded CasinoRoom.

Those of you who are already familiar with the Ongame network will recognize the software. It's been there since the late 90's and we are yet to see any software problems. The lobby is dark and sexy, although it lacks some of the many functions that other networks offer. The tables are of the typical 2D/3D style. Our only big complaint here is the gameplay speed, which is slightly under the industry standard.

EuroPoker offers support by e-mail, a very fast alternative, but not as prompt as the telephone support, nor its Skype support. Overall, this room offers better-than-average support.